Top notch photography and an enjoyable reading expierence make Headfonia.com my favorite website for high end audio reviews.


Probably the most well known audio site ever, Head-Fi.org offers the biggest community of audio enthusiasts and can become quite an addiction for some.

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Another one of my favorite sites to visit daily is InnerFidelity.com. Tyll does a unique job of measuring headphones and posts regularly, a very fun hobby.

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Welcome to Audio Excursions. We started this website in hopes of bringing high quality, in depth reviews of some of the best audio gear on the market today. You may notice that our website is pretty simple, and you'd be right, it's all about the reviews, and nothing else. Stay awhile, read some articles, and just have some fun! Also, if you want a more precise statement and want to get to know the website better, head on over to the About Us page. Have any questions? Hit us up with an email below! If you have time, feel free to check out the Audio Excursions YouTube channel as well. We post HD 1080P slideshows, first looks, and video reviews of anything that's related to the art of audio. You can see the links to both our YouTube channel and my Head-Fi profile below. Also, you can find some of the audio reviews that we have coming up over the next few weeks and the next few months.

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Review Disclaimer: The vast majority of my reviews are product samples that have been provided by a company or specific person. If you read my rules and guidelines, you'll know that I DO NOT accept money for reviews, and will always be honest, to the point, and negative and/or positive depending on the outcome, no matter if it's a review sample or a product I paid for on my leisure.

Upcoming reviews for the month of December of 2013 and the month of January in 2014:

Headphone Amplifiers:
Cypher Labs Theorem 720 DAC
Cypher Labs AlgoRythm Duet
Fosgate Signature Tube Headphone Amp
Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass & Liquid Gold


HiFiMAN HE-500

LessLoss DFPC Power Cables
Charleston Cable Company Cables
Forza Audio Works Cables
KingRex Cables

Effect Audio Cables: Affordable Portability


It’s very rare to see a company making high-end audio cables that are strictly meant for portable use, and that’s exactly what Effect Audio has done. They’ve made simplistic and affordable cables that sound good and look great, all while using portable termination connections. What could be better and easier to understand than that? Don’t worry, you can still use an adapter for the cable, but that’s not the reason you’d buy a cable like this, let’s get to the review so I can explain why. Read More...

Forza Audio Works HiFiMAN Series Cables: Top Class Luxury


Toxic Cables and Double Helix Cables may just have themselves a big contender in the field of high end audio cables. Forza Audio Works (is that not the coolest damn name you’ve ever heard?) has really pushed the limits and sits in the top three when it comes to some of the best sounding, best looking, and best built headphone and interconnect cables I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Noir (the best of the best), the Claire Hybrid (Copper and silver fusion), and the Lightning MKII (an Apple Lightning cable for mobile use).

Cypher Labs AlgoRythm Solo -R: New & Improved


Cypher Labs really doesn’t need an introduction, do they? They’re known for the original AlgoRythm Solo, one of the most revolutionary products of it’s time. The original AlgoRythm Solo had the capability of taking the digital signal out of your iPhone or any Apple device for that matter, either convert that signal to analog via the built in DAC, or transfer the digital signal to an external headphone amplifier, which made high-end portable audio available to the masses. The AlgoRythm Solo -R replaces the original AlgoRythm Solo, and adds more functionality and a cooler look, so let’s dive into the details. Read More...

MHDT Labs Stockholm V2: Taiwanese Craftsmanship At Its Best


MHDT Labs is a company that has been on the audio scene for quite a few number of years. One of their very first products, the Havana (and now the Balanced Havana, which has been heavily requested) was an absolutely gorgeous looking DAC that had fabulous audio fidelity, very good specifications, and was priced at just a tick under $1000. While it didn’t gain as much popularity as it should have in the audio community, MHDT has come a long way and have since released the Stockholm V2, which incorporates the PCM65P-J DAC chip, as well as a variety of other things. Anyway, enough about the short intro, let’s get to the review, because I have a lot to talk about with this little gem.

LessLoss DFPC Signature Power Cables: The Best for Less?


In all honesty, the only cables I’ve reviewed are a majority of headphone cables from Toxic Cables, Double Helix Cables, and Forza Audio Works. So, when I clicked on the LessLoss ad on Head-Fi for the umpteenth time, I was contemplating sending them an email. Yes, a lot of the viewers here were curious to the performance of LessLoss and the Signature DFPC’s, but I wasn’t super intrigued. I did some research and thought to myself, “If these cables look this good, perform as well as everyone says, and only cost a fraction of the competition at $535 and $1149, why not give these a chance?” So, I emailed Louis, and he sent the cables on his way, and now they’re here. Fully burned in, with my whole setup, ready to be reviewed.